Proofreading & Copy Editing

Short stories, novels, letters, newsletters, emails, company reports, resumes and cover letters all benefit from a third-party review. I proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and missed or incorrectly used words and phrases. I check for basic consistency. Is this number supposed to match the one in your chart? Is this character the cousin as you say here, or the sister as you said earlier?

Whether or not you write abstractly and break all of the rules or you write linearly, does your piece make sense? Is it laid out in a way that holds the reader’s attention? Copy editing adds clarity while keeping your intention and your voice intact. Email and/or phone reports and discussion. $55/hour

I will not re-write your work unless you ask me to. My intention is that you say what you want to say in your words. Edits, comments and suggestions are subjective, and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you will implement any changes.

Contract Writing or Ghost Writing

You don’t have time to write, or you hate writing, so hire me to write for you! Price per piece, estimate based on $75/hour

E-newsletters – Blog Posts

Negotiated per piece.

Development of an Unfinished or New Work

You want to write your material, but need someone to ask questions that will help you define and develop the work. Much like a private workshop, we can discover the story you want to tell, whether this is a piece of marketing, a grant application, a short story, a newsletter or company history. We can figure it out. $55/hour

Final Edit of a Longer Piece

If you have a longer, almost finished piece, I’ll read it several times. The first time, I just want to read and see if I understand your intention, your voice and the paths you take. Then I’ll read looking for typos, consistency and flow. I’ll send you the notes I took and a report with suggestions. We should have a discussion following this report and you should feel free to take time to consider some of the ideas I might propose. You might want to do some re-writes and send those over for input. Then I’ll read your final revised version and provide a final report. Pricing is based on your piece’s number of pages, its stage of development and the amount of communication your piece demands. We can negotiate an initial hourly to a max at the beginning of the process.

If, after an initial inquiry and brief email or phone discussion we decide to work together, an estimate of hours will be provided based on your description of your project:

  • # of pages
  • your goals for your piece
  • your goals for my input
  • what questions you have about your piece
  • what stage you think your piece is in

Shorter emails, stories, newsletters might only take an hour of review for general proofreading. In that case, a minimum of $55 is due at the time of order. If the agreed upon estimate is more than an hour, 50% payment is due at the time of the order, 25% during the second phase, and 25% upon completion.

I accept payment through PayPal.