Client comments

Editor – short stories

“Heidi is brilliant. Her comments are so very useful and considerate of my voice. I regularly take writing workshops, but Heidi’s my go-to before I send my stories out.” – Ellen Graham

“Heidi’s work with me was valuable. I was able to more clearly envision the core theme of the story I was writing and let the characters, plot and other subplots circle around it.” – J. Gregory

Writing Coach – development of new work

“Heidi’s advice profoundly changed my ability to maintain momentum in the project and soon I had nearly a hundred pages to share with Heidi. She not only graciously read it, but offered a rewrite of the opening scene and detailed suggestions for modifying characters and story flow. I had found a professional editor! Her rewrite of the opening scene had turned a stifled description into a crisp reality that popped off the page. She clearly understood my intent and showed me how to achieve it in a vivid fashion. It was an example that shaped my style from then on and helped get me to complete my first novel about a year later. Two additional novels have followed since then. In short, I credit Heidi with providing me a foundation for finally achieving my life-long goal of novel writing. From my experience with her, I’m confident that Heidi can provide a wide array of valuable services to support any writer.” – Robert Carlson

“Heidi is the artist you want in the room, because she makes everyone’s work better.” – Evie


Heidi has been a stalwart of our Festival and is consistently invited back because of her ability to write compelling, imaginative and producible plays. In 2005, she was awarded our “Mazen Award”, which is given to participants of the Festival who embody the spirit of risk-taking and camaraderie essential to our process. We will continue to invite Heidi back because she is a joy to work with and her plays are a joy to produce.  Megan Ahiers
Operations Director
The 14/48 Projects

“I have felt your generosity, fairness and dedication to artists.” “It’s time for women in your likeness to launch new organizations. We must give women like you, that have mentored and consistently given, platforms to produce and encourage writers like myself.” – Lo Mac (participant in Mae West Fest)